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Why Virtuous Cycle

Why Virtuous Cycle?

Everyone can describe a vicious cycle. Some can articulate it down to the very last detail. Whether the vicious cycle occurs in their relationships, career, health, personal satisfaction or all areas simultaneously.  With the same clarity, can You describe Your life in a Virtuous Cycle?


Virtuous Cycle or v cYCLE was born from the bold notion that you can create changes that will positively impact your life. You can shift the momentum deliberately and consciously.  


V Cycle is a play on words. We are indoor cycling enthusiasts. We are also individuals focused on finding and creating our own virtuous cycle. But pay attention. When you experience the shift You have created, you’ll notice that those around you benefit as well. Imagine the impact a community of people can create by striving individually and collectively for their own Virtuous Cycle.


Indoor cycling is a high intensity-low impact exercise. While the aim is to improve your cardio endurance by varying resistance, cadence and position, you have the opportunity to strengthen your mental toughness - to push your emotional limits. Deliberately going outside our comfort zone reinforces that while a situation may feel difficult or hard, it's only temporary.  Prepare yourself to get comfortable being uncomfortable! Physical exertion provides the clarity of our choices and how they may keep us in a vicious cycle. That same clarity points you in the direction of your Virtuous Cycle. It's true that you ride as you live.

V Cycle is fun. V Cycle will kick your butt. You’ll sweat more than you thought possible. We want you to #GEtIn your Virtuous Cycle.


“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy - I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”


Cycle30:  This 30 minute class provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels. Indoor cycling will enhance your speed, strength, stamina, improve overall physical health and increase your caloric burn. Motivating instructors and killer music will have you hooked after your first ride! 


Cycle Fusion:  This 50 minute class provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular and isolated strength workout for all fitness levels. Half of the class is on our Stages SC3 bikes and the other half incorporates rhythm based strength and stretch exercise. Ages 14 years and older welcome.  

TRIfecta:  Get the best of all worlds - cardio, weights and stretch with this 60 minute workout. You’ll burn massive calories while improving your cardio endurance (20 minutes), strengthening your muscles (20 minutes) and restoring your body (20 minutes).

Wedding, Birthday, Theme Party & Corporate Event Rides: Looking to have a great workout to celebrate your birthday, wedding, theme party or corporate event? Contact us at for schedule and pricing.


Pricing Options

For your convenience all of our classes are purchased, scheduled, and cancelled through the free MindBody app and website.  


If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, be sure to cancel 5 hours in advance so that your pass will be credited back to your MindBody account.  If the cancellation occurs less than 5 hours from the start of class, the cost of the pass is forfeited.  If you are signed up for a class and Do Not Cancel and Do Not Attend your credit card will be charged a “No Show” Fee of $10 per class.

2021 Pricing 

           Single Class (30 minutes or less)                                                         $   9

Single Class (30+ minutes)                                                                   $ 18    

Unlimited Month (Live Virtual Classes)                                               $ 30

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1.  Where can I sign up for V Cycle classes?  Create a MindBody account at You can also purchase (and cancel) classes through the free MindBody App ( Be sure to add your birthday because V Cycle adds a free Birthday Ride to your account every year!


2.  Do I need special shoes to cycle? No, you don’t need special shoes other than those with a firm sole.  However, if you plan to cycle 2 or more days per week, it’s worth investing in cycling shoes.  Our state-of-the-art Stages SC3 bikes are equipped with SPD compatible pedals.

3.  What if I’ve never cycled before? We offer a Free 10 Minute consult to get you adjusted properly on your bike so contact us at to schedule.  There’s no pressure to do everything in the class - observe and enjoy yourself!


4.  What if my bottom is sore after my 1st class?  It’s very normal to be sore after your first class. Ask any rider around you, after several classes your body adjusts and you won’t notice it. 


5.  What if I need to cancel? Use the MindBody app or website to cancel five (5) hours prior to the start of class. Classes that are cancelled 5 hours in advance will be credited to your MindBody account.  If you cancel less than 5 hours, the cost of the class is forfeited and the # of passes is reduced by one (1).  If you register for a class, Do No Cancel and Do Not Show your credit card will be charged a $10 "No Show" fee.

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V Cycle is an Online indoor cycling, strength and stretch virtual studio. Get ready to scorch major calories to your favorite music and connect with people from around the world! Because cycling is high intensity-low impact, you can train worry free and avoid injury to your spine and knees. Regardless of your fitness level, V Cycle is the place to get your sweat on.

Casey Colosky grew up in Southwest Louisiana and after graduating from LSU in 1995, moved to Northern Virginia.  


She was always physically active, but was unexpectantly derailed with surgery to repair her ACL. She happened upon indoor cycling and quickly realized it was the most challenging activity she had ever experienced. It’s common for those new to indoor cycling to feel as though they’re “going to die” their first few classes.  Casey was no exception.  She had overly protected her knee by avoiding activities that may reinjure it, so her heart rate was rarely high. With indoor cycling, she was free of her fear of injury and could experience a sustained, high heart rate for the better part of an hour. As she became physically stronger, she noticed the emotional and mental elements of indoor cycling. It was then that she became hooked.  


As the owner of V Cycle, her goal is to inspire and motivate others to overcome life’s obstacles (whether it be physical, emotional, or mental) and find inner peace and strength through indoor cycling, strength and fusion classes.  Casey is Spinning certified through Madd Dog Athletics, Schwinn and Primary Group Exercise Certified through AFAA.

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Contact Us

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